Chhattisgarh is blessed with a large variety of mineral deposits; therefore the state is one of the most favourable destinations for investors to setup mining industries. IndiastatChhattisgarh has covered all the Mines and Minerals statistical information on Coal Mines, Common Salt, Mineral Exploration, Mines Projects, Mines Workforce and Non-Coal Mines.

Mines and Minerals - Chhattisgarh [Hide]
Coal Mines - Chhattisgarh Coal Mines - Chhattisgarh: Captive Coal Block - Chhattisgarh Coal and Lignite Reserves - Chhattisgarh Coal and Lignite Resources - Chhattisgarh Coal Projects - Chhattisgarh Despatches of Coal and Lignite - Chhattisgarh Explosives Used in Coal Mines - Chhattisgarh Financial Performance of Coal Sector - Chhattisgarh Illegal Mining - Chhattisgarh Miscellaneous - Chhattisgarh Offtake, Demand and Supply of Coal and Lignite - Chhattisgarh Over Burden Removal and Stripping Ratio in Revenue Mines - Chhattisgarh Production of Coal and Lignite - Chhattisgarh Raising, Despatch and Value of Coal - Chhattisgarh Stock of Coal and Lignite - Chhattisgarh Usage of Machineries in Coal Mines - Chhattisgarh Washed Coal and Hard Coke Products - Chhattisgarh Working and Non-Working Mines - Chhattisgarh
Common Salt - ChhattisgarhCommon Salt - Chhattisgarh
Mineral Exploration - Chhattisgarh Mineral Exploration - Chhattisgarh: Land Area Excavated/Reclamation - Chhattisgarh Mineral Exploration by Companies - Chhattisgarh Mining Leases - Chhattisgarh Others - Chhattisgarh Production and Despatch of Minerals/Ores - Chhattisgarh Sale Price of Various Minerals - Chhattisgarh
Mines Projects - ChhattisgarhMines Projects - Chhattisgarh
Mines Workforce - ChhattisgarhMines Workforce - Chhattisgarh
Non-Coal Mines - Chhattisgarh Non-Coal Mines - Chhattisgarh: Alumina - Chhattisgarh Aluminium - Chhattisgarh Antimony - Chhattisgarh Apatite and Rock Phosphate - Chhattisgarh Asbestos - Chhattisgarh Ballclay - Chhattisgarh Barytes - Chhattisgarh Bauxite - Chhattisgarh Bentonite - Chhattisgarh Cadimum - Chhattisgarh Calcite - Chhattisgarh Chalk and Jasper - Chhattisgarh Chromite - Chhattisgarh Clay - Chhattisgarh Cobalt - Chhattisgarh Copper - Chhattisgarh Corundum - Chhattisgarh Diamond - Chhattisgarh Diaspore - Chhattisgarh Dolomite - Chhattisgarh Felsite - Chhattisgarh Felspar - Chhattisgarh Ferro Alloys - Chhattisgarh Fireclay - Chhattisgarh Fluorite - Chhattisgarh Fullers Earth - Chhattisgarh Garnet - Chhattisgarh Glass and Ceramic Products - Chhattisgarh Gold - Chhattisgarh Granite - Chhattisgarh Graphite - Chhattisgarh Gypsum - Chhattisgarh Ilmenite - Chhattisgarh Iron and Steel - Chhattisgarh Kaolin - Chhattisgarh Kyanite and Sillimanite - Chhattisgarh Lead and Zinc - Chhattisgarh Leucoxene - Chhattisgarh Limestone - Chhattisgarh Magnesite - Chhattisgarh Manganese - Chhattisgarh Marble - Chhattisgarh Metalliferous - Chhattisgarh Mica - Chhattisgarh Non-ferrous Metals - Chhattisgarh Ochre - Chhattisgarh Oil Mines - Chhattisgarh Others - Chhattisgarh Perlite - Chhattisgarh Phosphorite - Chhattisgarh Pyrites - Chhattisgarh Pyrophyllite - Chhattisgarh Quartzite and Sandstone - Chhattisgarh Ruby - Chhattisgarh Rutile - Chhattisgarh Silver - Chhattisgarh Steatite - Chhattisgarh Sulphur - Chhattisgarh Tin - Chhattisgarh Titaniferous Magnetite - Chhattisgarh Tunqsten - Chhattisgarh Vanadium - Chhattisgarh Vermiculite - Chhattisgarh Wollastonite - Chhattisgarh

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